Alternatives To Bankruptcy And Foreclosure in Montgomery County Maryland

Finding Alternative Ways To Resolve Your Debt And Give You A Fresh Start

Many people do not want to file for bankruptcy. Whether it is a personal objection, concern about your credit report or not being able to qualify for bankruptcy, we can help you find the alternative that will suit your situation best.

At The Diamond Law Group, LLC, we sit down with you to review your financial situation and discuss all of your available options. We look at your debt load and find ways to reduce it that are agreeable to you and to your creditors. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, removing that stress from your shoulders.

Many people ask, "Why should I hire a lawyer to deal with my debt?" There are several reasons to do this, including:

  • Hiring an attorney shows your creditors that you are serious about resolving the problem.
  • A lawyer may be able to negotiate with a creditor more successfully on your behalf than you are able to do yourself.
  • A lawyer understands how to fill out the appropriate paperwork to put you in the best possible light when approaching your creditors.
  • A lawyer knows who to follow up with and understands when obstacles are being put in your way and how to deal with these tactics.

We will discuss all of your available alternatives to bankruptcy and foreclosure in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Silver Spring Loan Modification Lawyer

If you are seeking a loan modification because you have fallen behind on your mortgage or because you are upside down on your loan due to the housing crisis, we can help. We work with your lender to find a suitable modification for your loan, enabling you to stay in your home and resolve your mortgage issues.

If your paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, you are entitled to a mortgage mediation with your lender. We attend these mediation sessions with you to protect your best interests and ensure you understand what you are entitled to from these sessions.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.